Alain Xayaphoummine

I originally graduated from a Ph.D in Statistical Physics and completed my career with a degree in Corporate and Market Finance as well as a Master’s degree in Engineering of Innovative Projects at the EM Strasbourg Business School. I then worked as a Chargé d’Affaires in innovation for 4 years at BPIFrance, where I accompanied nearly 450 business projects. In particular, I supported seed financing for companies such as CellProthera, Phytodia, Mesagraph, Fysiki (Fizzup) and Firalis in coordination with investment funds. In 2012, I joined the Alsace Biovalley cluster as Head of processes, projects and financial engineering and worked on the fundraising projects of In Air Solution, Lady-Green (Crowdfunding), Id-Nest, IIN medical and Defymed. I finally joined BIONEXT in 2016 and have been part for the company’s journey since then as a COO.