/ Serge Albou

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Serge previously founded NEXINT, an innovative IT company in 2004. He co-founded BIONEXT in 2009. Serge was trained in a Business school in Paris. He benefits from fifteen years of experience in management, technical and commercial development of industrial companies in the sector of technology and computer science. He has contributed to several technology conferences (Benchmark, CCIP, ACSEL, …) and has managed teams of 30 persons comprising project managers, developers and administrators. His clients include prestigious institutions such as Presidency of the Republic, G8, G20, EU and the Constitutional Council, as well as international brands such as JVC Europe, Coca-Cola or Motorola. CEO of BIONEXT since 2009, his understanding of BIONEXT’s projects, including the scientific and programming concepts allows him to collect the feedbacks from research directors and to develop our strategies, partnerships and collaborations.

/ Alain Xayaphoummine

Chief Operating Officer

I originally graduated from a Ph.D in Statistical Physics and completed my career with a degree in Corporate and Market Finance as well as a Master’s degree in Engineering of Innovative Projects at the EM Strasbourg Business School. I then worked as a Chargé d’Affaires in innovation for 4 years at BPIFrance, where I accompanied nearly 450 business projects. In particular, I supported seed financing for companies such as CellProthera, Phytodia, Mesagraph, Fysiki (Fizzup) and Firalis in coordination with investment funds. In 2012, I joined the Alsace Biovalley cluster as Head of processes, projects and financial engineering and worked on the fundraising projects of In Air Solution, Lady-Green (Crowdfunding), Id-Nest, IIN medical and Defymed. I finally joined BIONEXT in 2016 and have been part for the company’s journey since then as a COO.

/ Anne Malraux

Chief Business Development

I think it is fair to say I have an atypical background, yet I think this is definitely an asset. I am a certified psychologist with a specialization in treating depression and addiction related disorders. I have also worked for a medical center in relation with a hospital treating psychotic patients, with different approaches including medical hypnosis, with a certification from the Paris Faculty of Medicine. I have also specialized in preventing work associated disorders such as burn-out risks and so on. My many professional experiences have made me adaptable, reliable, growing interpersonal skills, and a great sense of communication. I have always been passionate about helping people to get better, and in that sense this new challenge with Bionext brings me an amazing opportunity to develop my skills, only in a very different way.

/ Benjamin Schwarz

Chief R&D Officer

As a Ph.D graduate in Bioinformatics since 2005, I came to work during my career as a software engineer in an IT service company, an assistant professor and an engineer at the University of Strasbourg. I initially started my university training with a Master’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Sciences later completed with a Ph.D degree in Structural Bioinformatics at the IGBMC in Strasbourg. My Ph.D work focused on the applications of the alpha-shapes theory to the structural study of proteins and would later be part of the very foundations of the BIONEXT’s approach. With my interdisciplinary profile and my thorough knowledge of the techniques and theoretical models essential to BIONEXT technologies, I was considered a natural choice as the R&D director in our company.

/ Nicolas Gagnière

Chief Technical Officer

Ph.D graduate in Bioinformatics, I am specialized in genomics and biological databases integration. In charge of software development in BIONEXT, I initially focused my work on building the clustered computing ecosystem that delivers BIONEXT Software as a Service (SaaS) offers. Currently leading the software development team, my work is dedicated to improve and expand BIONEXT’s solutions.

/ Pascal Muller

Chief Scientific Officer

Already holding a PharmD, I obtained my Ph.D in molecular modeling (CADD, Computer Aided Drug Design) at the University of Strasbourg in 2006. I worked for AliX Pharma and then NovAliX for 8 years (2006-2014) as Head of the Molecular Modeling department. My work was focused on protein-ligand interactions to help the identification of most promising hits, in diverse therapeutic area, having experimental validation always in mind. I confirmed my skills in virtual screening (structure- and ligand-based), lead optimisation and fragment-based drug design, working closely with medicinal chemists and structural biologists. I am also familiar with chemical libraries management. I lead the scientific group, cornerstone of the BIONEXT’s offer.

/ Alexandre Erbida

IT Team Member

Young graduate from a University degree in Computer Science, I have acquired a solid experience at BIONEXT since I joined the team several times during my studies (internship, part-time contract, apprenticeship). Hired full-time since 2016 as a Web Developer, I actively contribute to the development of the responsive platform BioSight platform which allows access to the BIONEXT offer from any device and through a simple and complete interface.

/ Anthony Couvreux

Scientific Team Member

As a Ph.D graduate in Structural Biology from Paris Descartes University since 2009, I acquired during my thesis solid skills and knowledge in peptide synthesis, proteins NMR and homology modelling. Then, during my post-doctorate in Virology in Limoges, I was in charge of locating mutations responsible for antiviral resistance from theoretical models of therapeutic targets of the Human Cytomegalovirus. More recently, I finally joined BIONEXT’s R&D team in the context of my professional career change in Web Design and Development. My mission is to develop a tool for evaluating pharmacological homology between two proteins using the ChEMBL database. Ultimately, this information will help BioSight’s users identify proteins of different structures but having similar interaction modes with active molecules.

/ Lam Nguyen Ngoc

Scientific Team Member

I hold a Master’s degree in Chemoinformatics from the University of Strasbourg since 2012. During my internship at the ChemoInformatics Laboratory of the University of Strasbourg, I contributed to the optimization of the parameters and to the validation of the superimposition of the program «S4MPLE» during the reproduction of bioactive conformation, notably by performing Docking And Rescoring of this program and comparing it to existing competition (FlexX, Glide …). Subsequently, I developed and automated a protocol for repositioning drugs from ligand similarities (steric and electrostatic properties) and using the ChEMBL database. Currently in the scientific team of Bionext since 2016, I participate in the optimization of the BioSight platform.

/ Ludovic Bailly

IT Team Member

As an engineer specialized in Information Technologies for Healthcare, I initially worked with BIONEXT in 2012 as part of my University degree in Computer Science. In the context of my engineering studies I then worked in a research institute of international renown (IRCAD) where I took the opportunity to develop strong skills in image processing and 3D data visualization. As a R&D engineer at BIONEXT since 2015, I am in charge of the design and development of BiovizJS, the visualization base of our BioSight platform.

/ Mathieu Voland

R&D Team Member


/ Mélanie Arrivet

Communication Team

As a biotechnology engineer and MSc graduate in bioinformatics and structural biology since 2013, I began my scientific career as a biocurator at IMGT, the international ImMunoGeneTics information system®. I then pursued a master’s degree program in Management and Marketing at the EM Strasbourg Business School Management School to achieve a combination of expertise in biotechnology engineering and corporate management. I joined BIONEXT in 2017 as part of my graduation project and defended a master’s thesis describing the marketing strategy set up by BIONEXT to help the pharmaceutical industry and its actors understand the change of use and paradigm brought by BioSight. Convinced of the opportunities and the potential of digital in the age of the digital revolution, I currently participate in the market studies and marketing of BIONEXT’s offers.

/ Nicolas Riss

Scientific Team Member

I hold a University degree in Computer Science from the University of Strasbourg and I am currently a third-year student at the Faculty of Pharmacy of Strasbourg. Concurrently with my studies I joined the development team of BIONEXT in 2012 and I have been developing: BiovizJS, the biological structures visualization tool, since then. The combination of expertise I have acquired throughout my studies will help me make the link between biology and computer science.

/ Oliver Hijano Cubelos

R&D Team Member

As a Ph.D in Physics, I have participated in numerous research projects related to physics, mathematics and computer science. Over the past few years, I have gained extensive experience in developing theoretical and numerical models, designing new simulation and modeling tools and creating new statistical analysis tools. As a member of BIONEXT’s R&D team, I participate in theoretical and fundamental research on the modeling, characterization and prediction of molecular actions and their biological effects, as well as on data exploitation, development and testing of various models, algorithms and new tools within the framework of drug design.

/ Sarah Kahloun

Communication Team

Student in communication specialized in the Web and digital at SUPDEWEB, Sarah obtained her license (Bachelor’s degree) in 2016 of communication and marketing in ECS Strasbourg. Before having found her way, Sarah was able to make one year of upgrade in decorative arts (MANAA) at Ort Strasbourg, what allowed her to make one year of visual communication for LISAA Strasbourg. Sarah was able to make internships which allowed her to apply her knowledge to real cases. It is from November 11th, 2016 when Sarah was able to begin her contract of professionalization at Bionext. Communication manager and of graphics (handwriting), Sarah realizes logotypes, models for sites, digital communication,…, for Bionext and Therascape.