BIONEXT creates Therascape

Press Release from This entity “was born from the bioinformatics expertise of Bionext and the acquisition of the intangible assets of Rhénovia Pharma in biosimulation”. See more: Source

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A computer model to test drugs

Press Release from Reuters A biotechnology company located in Strasbourg had announced for 2017 the launch of a digital platform capable of simulating the response of human cells in contact with a molecule in order to accelerate drug development. See more: Source

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Bionext snags Rhenovia team, tech for cell signaling prediction subsidiary

Press Release from FierceBiotech Bionext has picked up cell signaling modeling technology and the R&D team that developed it from Rhenovia Pharma. The arrangement has spawned the creation of TheraScape, a Bionext subsidiary focused on developing a platform capable of predicting what will happen when a drug interacts with a G-protein-coupled receptor (GPCR). See more: Source

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