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Structural properties and physicochemical interactions are of critical interest when studying biomolecules. This tool provides both improved and exclusive features for molecular visualization with the aim to enhance your experience in many situations and from any devices. In order to ease its integration into your website, it provides a straightforward API.


BiovizJS provides most essential features of molecular visualizers. It supports both PDB and PDBX/mmCIF file formats and handles most common molecular representations (e.g. sticks, space fill, cartoon, surfaces…), color mappings (CPK, rainbow, hydrophobicity…) and properties labeling. Besides, BiovizJS includes a measuring tool with two selection profiles and a new representation displaying potential interactions between each molecule chain of the same structure. Finally biological assembly support is available, to study the functional conformational assembly of a molecule.

Regarding pure visualization features, BiovizJS brings cutting edge WebGL rendering effects:

  • Impostors rendering for representations involving spheres and/or cylinders like Sticks or Space Fill, enabling large molecules handling such as ribosomes;
  • An advanced transparency management method allowing internal cavities surfaces isolation and visualization(*);
  • A post-processing contours highlighting feature allowing to pinpoint important parts of a molecule with maximal performances;
  • Stereo rendering effect allowing to improve depth perception of molecular arrangements, compatible with both red/cyan glasses and polarized displays.