BioSight targets it rightly - Structural homology and beyond in E. Coli DHODH

SUMMARY BioSight* is a BIONEXT’s web platform dedicated to the retrieval and assessment of local surface similarities. Here, BioSight was challenged on a structure of the protein E. coli dihydroorotate dehydrogenase (E. coli DHODH) complexed with orotate. Among the first hits retrieved were legitimate DHODH homologs and also the similarly folded dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase. Surprisingly, the molybdenum storage protein was also significantly highly ranked by BioSight despite its structural differences with the DHODH query.

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BiovizJS: a versatile 3D molecular visualizer anywhere, anytime and with any device

SUMMARY Structural properties and physicochemical interactions are of critical interest when studying biomolecules. Therefore, BIONEXT has developed BiovizJS, a 3D molecular visualization Web application runnable on any network connected device. This tool provides both improved and exclusive features for molecular visualization with the aim to enhance your experience in many situations and from any devices. In order to ease its integration into your website, it provides a straightforward API.

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Fit for fitting: BIONEXT-DSS, a dataset of similar sites

SUMMARY Predicting novel binding pockets for a given medicine is a challenging task with numerous pharmaceutical applications. Based on the principle that “similar binding sites share similar ligands”1, many binding pocket prediction algorithms are based on the evaluation and retrieval of pockets being similar to a known binding site. Two distinct yet connected problematics can hence be described: (i) the ability to retrieve known sites for a given ligand in distinct proteins, and (ii) the retrieval of similar sites.

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