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Kinase challenge: BioSight pinpoints Kinase from all ATP-binding proteins.

on February 21, 2018

SUMMARY BioSight* is the BIONEXT’s Web interface allowing the retrieval and assessment of local surface similarities. Here, BioSight was challenged with two serine/threonine kinase binding pockets. Top ranked proteins are mainly kinases, of course. But some other relevant proteins, not belonging to the kinase family, are easily found by BioSight. These data could help unravel parts the pharmacological profile for some kinase inhibitors. (*) Create your profile on BioSight, the fully secured Web access to BioBind, to access the full analysis

This French Biotech’s Software Helps Drugs to Succeed in the Clinic

on February 2, 2018

Press Release from “BioNext’s software could be a more affordable alternative to artificial intelligence (AI), which is tipped to play a big part in the future of drug discovery.” See more: Source

BIONEXT at Cancer Campus

on January 15, 2018

Bionext is at Cancer Campus, at the Institut Gustave Roussy, attending the AI conference. Great speakers, organisation, and exciting new approaches to discover !

BIONEXT at BioFit 2017

on November 26, 2017

Bionext is honored to present its amazing in silico approach to a pannel of scientists and pharma companies during the Meet & Match event on November 27th, prior to the opening of BioFit 2017 in Strasbourg. During BioFit Strasbourg (Nov 28-29th), Bionext is one of the leading companies present on the Alsace Bio Valley booth, alongst with the best local actors in Life Sciences (Alms Therapeutics, Ksilink, Domain Therapeutics, Peptimimesis, NHL…)

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BioSight Target Analysis is dedicated to the retrieval of common patterns at the surface of macromolecules. Based on a user defined query pattern, Target Analysis iterates over a large database of structures and identifies at the surface of these macromolecules areas that are similar to the query.

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