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The team

Serge Albou (CEO & Founder) Ml albou

Serge previously founded NEXINT, an innovative IT company in 2004. He co-founded BIONEXT in 2009. Serge was trained in a Business school in Paris. He benefits from fifteen years of experience in management, technical and commercial development of industrial companies in the sector of technology and computer science. He has contributed to several technology conferences (Benchmark, CCIP, ACSEL, ...) and has managed teams of 30 persons comprising project managers, developers and administrators. His clients include prestigious institutions such as Presidency of the Republic, G8, G20, EU and the Constitutional Council, as well as international brands such as JVC Europe, Coca-Cola or Motorola. CEO of BIONEXT since 2009, his understanding of BIONEXT's projects, including the scientific and programming concepts allows him to collect the feedbacks from research directors and to develop our strategies, partnerships and collaborations.

Nicolas Gagniere face LowRes Ultra LowRes

Dr Nicolas Gagnière, PhD (Chief Technical Officer)

Nicolas obtained a PhD in 2009 for his researches in bioinformatics at Universite de Strasbourg. As an expert in Big-Data and Cloud computing, he is the leading architect of BIONEXT's Platform (BVS). He manages the IT departement and team, and is in charge of transforming R&D to products.

Dr Benjamin Schwarz, PhD (R&D Director)

Benjamin Schwarz

After studying mathematics and computer sciences in Strasbourg University, Benjamin obtained a PhD in 2009 for his researches in bioinformatics concerning the characterisation of molecular surfaces using tools borrowed from computational geometry. Throughout is carreer, Benjamin has been involved in research and development in various fields of sciences and technology as well as in software development.

Benjamin published in 2009 a founding article based on his innovative work on alpha shapes ("Defining and characterizing protein surface using alpha shapes" Schwarz B. et al, Proteins 2009). His work is at the foundation of the researches and technologies of BIONEXT where he manages the R&D department.

Dr Pascal Muller, PhD (Chief Science Officer) Pascal Muller face LowRes

Pascal obtained a graduate degree in Pharmacy and completed his Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Strasbourg under the supervision of Dr Didier Rognan. He worked during 8 years as Head of the Molecular Modeling Department in NovAliX, before moving to Bionext.

Pascal is in charge of the biological validations and applications of R&D, and develop new academic and industrial collaborations both in France and in Europe.

Alain Xayaphoummine face LowRes Ultra LowRes

Dr Alain Xayaphoummine, PhD (Chief Operating Officer)

Alain obtained his Ph.D. in Statistical Physics at the University of Strasbourg and completed his formation by a master of innovative project management.
He previously worked during 4 years as business developper at Oseo (BPIFrance), and then for the french cluster dedicated to therapeutic innovations, Alsace Biovalley, for 4 years as Head of Project Finance

Board of Directors

Jean-François Rax (Director of Investments, Cap Innov'Est)Jfrax

Jean-François Rax is a graduate from INSA (Lyon), joined Alsace Capital in April 2014 as Investment Manager of the seed fund Cap Innov'Est.
Prior to joining Alsace Capital and since 2008, Jean-François was an Analyst at Inserm Transfert Initiative, French seed fund dedicated to life sciences and human health. Owing to his previous experiences, he has also a solid background in company creation, technology transfer, licensing and marketing strategy.

Dr Robert Zimmer, MD, PhD (ABA INVEST)Drzimmer 2 hd copie

Dr. Robert Zimmer was the founder and chief executive officer of both ImmuPharma Switzerland and ImmuPharma France. He is an expert in clinical pharmacology and life cycle management. He was instrumental in developing a substantial number of products for clients including Roche, GlaxoSmithKline, Abbott, Searle, Sanofi-Aventis and Lilly. He began his career in Roche's headquarters in Basle as coordinator of clinical pharmacology and international clinical leader. He subsequently joined Jago Pharma, the drug delivery company, and became a director and head of research and development at SkyePharma after it acquired JAGO. He obtained his MD at Strasbourg Medical School and his PHD at the University of Aix-Marseille.

Jean-Paul Bertholier Jpb

Jean-Paul is graduated from ISC (Institut Supérieur du Commerce) and INSEAD (Manager Course). He started his career in sales and marketing and rapidly reached managing positions in multinational companies where he worked at international levels. He set up fast growing start-ups in the information technology industries opening subsidiaries in Europe, Middle-East, Africa and Asia. Jean-Paul has a deep understanding of multiple channels distribution at international level. He is presently working for a major manufacturer in the broadcast industry leading the French and North Africa activities. He brings BIONEXT a recognised international background and a strong knowledge in fast growing business with breakthrough technologies.