Disruptive Technology. Paradigm shift.

Traditional digital approaches works with Many Compound > One Target.
Our disruptive technology changes the paradigm : Single Compound > Multiple Targets. And it changes everything !



Big-Data for Life Sciences. But in a new way.

We integrate Omics and Structural data like no other one. From atoms to cell level, we have created thanks a new digital and multi-scale model that predicts compound effect in human cell. And more.

One proprietary core Technology. Many new applications.

Our disruptive multi-patented proprietary technology now help you to work in a new context, taking into account not one target but many targets at the same time. Whether it be in a specific cell context, or global. Our digital platform BVS will assist you in the drug discovery processs to select, test, optimize, understand and predict compound effects in human cells. Up to Drug Repositionning.



The future is about Lean Discovery. Fail fast, fail cheap !

Lean Discovery is the answer to the always growing costs of clinical trial faillures. The sooner you fail, the less you loose.
But there's more to that. Droping the wrong compound may help you to keep on and in invest with the right one !
Find the most promising hits, and convert them into potential leads. We give you the ultimate 100% digital platform for that : BVS. But we can do far more to protect and maximize your R&D and investments : detect as early as possible potential toxicity or efficacy problems and eliminate the less promising or most dangerous coumpounds.

The Digital Revolution. Now for Drug Discovery

Drug Discovery now enters the true Digital area. Thanks to bioglogical data tsunami and the ITC revolution (Big-Data, Cloud , Computing power explosion). Like in other industry, it will change everything.


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Big-Data + Life Sciences
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