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The Company

BIONEXT is a Bioinformatic company born in 2009 from the revolution of computer science (Big Data & Cloud Computing) and the explosion of OMICS data (sequencing, proteomes, structuromes, etc).

The fusion of those two revolutions through innovative and patented computer simulations allows to visualize, understand, predict and correct the actions of drugs in human cells.

After years of R&D and testing, the first software applications based on those simulations are now available and will change the current drug discovery process (10 years and $1 billion per drug) by helping Pharmaceuticals companies and biotechs to greatly accelerate and de-risk it (currently 90% failure rate).

Tomorrow, the same patented models will be used in new applications that will make the Personalized Medicine a reality, from personalized drug design and biomarkers to one-to-one prescription of drugs.

BIONEXT has therefore the ambition of becoming the ultimate answer to both sides of tomorrow medicine : from drug design to patient prescription