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BIONEXT is a Bioinformatics company born in 2009 from the revolution of computer science (Big Data & Cloud Computing) and the explosion of OMICS data (sequencing, proteomes, etc) and structures.

The fusion of those two revolutions through innovative and patented computer simulations allows to analyze, visualize, understand, predict and modulate the actions of drugs at a cellular scale. The first software and applications of the BVS Platform (Biological Virtual Simulation) are ready and allow to conceive more effective and safer drugs as well as to find new indications of drugs (repurposing).

Tomorrow, several novel and complementary innovations will be developed based on BIONEXT technologies and patents and will become fundamental processes of Personalized Medicine, both for the development and the administration of drugs.

BIONEXT has therefore the ambition of becoming one of the leading company in Biotechnology and to spread its technologies as a standard in both Biological, Chemical, Toxicology and Drug Research.